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Renew Stability and Innovation.


Rob Evans, 44, was born and raised in Waterloo. He is a long-time business and community builder. He is known for leading key business with several of Canada’s best known technology companies.

Rob’s positive and strong leadership style will continue our city’s stability and set the tone for renewing innovation across our community.

He is a qualified, caring, and strong leader, and is the best choice for Mayor for the City of Waterloo.

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Listen to and watch Rob speak about his priorities and passion for the City and Region of Waterloo:

  • City Priorities - affordability, sustainability, health care, EDI, vision, bike lanes, speed limits, arts & culture

  • Economy, Jobs, & Local Business - collaboration, barnraising, small business, innovation

  • Community - arts & culture, recreation, community organizations, neighbourhoods, libraries, history, greenspace, architecture

  • Waterloo Region - historic sites, festivals, attractions

What people have been saying about Rob Evans for Mayor:

“Your answers are genuine. Shows you are not regurgitating past notes. You seem to be a doer who can talk well. I’ve been around long enough to know that you wouldn’t be the type who wastes my time with pretty talk and no actions. You have energy. And I’m highlighting energy!” -A Waterloo Region Municipal Candidate

“Evans is the most qualified candidate and is not in it for himself. He wants to help the citizens of Waterloo.” -Dick H., Waterloo Resident

"We are impressed with Rob's qualifications for Waterloo, and we'll definitely be voting for him." -Cliff & Lynda, Waterloo Residents

I’m very excited my former boss and mentor Rob Evans will be running for Mayor of Waterloo. I have had the pleasure of working with Rob, and under his guidance, I have learned the value of selflessly helping others and approaching complex problems with a clear vision. Sincerely wishing you the best of luck in your campaign, and I am confident that your innovative ideas will bring meaningful change to the City of Waterloo. -Jack B., former employee

"Particularly when it comes to housing and affordability, with Rob's insight from his business experience, he will bring a fresh perspective." -Navi S.

"Rob's innovations in housing affordability shows he walks the talk and has experience beyond his age." -Dan P.

"I absolutely feel like you're the right person for the job and would be more than happy to share my support!" -Josef B.

"Get out and vote for the G.O.A.T. [Greatest Of All Time]." -Rob P.

"Having worked alongside Rob, I know he truly cares for others. He will listen, learn, and implement the right changes. A great forward-looking mayor is exactly what Waterloo needs! Rob as Mayor will bring fun and progress to the city." -Alim M.

Waterloo is situated on the land traditionally cared for by the Haudenosaunee, Anishnaabe and Neutral Peoples. We acknowledge the enduring presence and deep traditional knowledge and philosophies of the Indigenous People with whom we share this land today.